Little boxes on the hillside

Little boxes

made of ticky-tacky

Song by Malvina Reynolds


Boxes are mysterious. Imagine the boxes that hold big secrets, adventures, or the most precious things that we have. As a gift, it can represent a magical tool, when its done with an alchemist spirit, thinking about all the visible and invisible details. Here some hand made boxes inspired by several cultures and civilisation. box to keep things, box to create magic or box to be just there where it belong.

Pandora was given a box or a jar, called “pithos” in Greek. Gods told her that the box contained special gifts from them but she was not allowed to open the box ever. Then Hermes took her to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, to be his wife. Prometheus had advised Epimetheus not to accept anything from the Gods, but he saw Pandora and was astonished by her beauty, thus he accepted her right away.

Pandora was trying to tame her curiosity, but at the end she could not hold herself anymore; she opened the box and all the illnesses and hardships that gods had hidden in the box started coming out. Pandora was scared, because she saw all the evil spirits coming out and tried to close the box as fast as possible, closing Hope inside.

According to Hesiod Hope indeed stayed inside because that was Zeus’ will; he wanted to let people suffer in order to understand that they should not disobey their gods. Pandora was the right person to do it, because she was curious enough, but not malicious… Read more


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