¿Es posible traer objetos

de tus sueños?

– Claro que si.


La boite magique

This box can transform your life if you can use it good. First trust in the box, then trow inside negative thoughts, things you want to get rid of. Traumas, emotions, events, situations, moods… all this thing that seems to block you, to find the next step. But take care of this box, because it’s a friend, its someone that listen to you because you liberate your soul into it, and it will take care of yous. This is the first box. Some other will come to this world.

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The symbol of this “Rituals Circle Of Life” is known all over the Middle East and North Africa. The “blublu” has been variously interpreted by scholars as a Jewish, Christian, or Islamic followers and as a pagan fertility symbol. The symbol dates back to cave paintings.  

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Manuel de lalchimiste

Here is a text just in the meantime because the site is under construction and then.. mhh… I don’t know what to say. Have fun in life and don’t let your mind dominate you. Jump and run, sing, and speak with your inner source, who guides you without forcing, everything happens behind the curtain, everything is generated thanks to an invisible force, nothing should be done. just seek its mission and honor it. With happiness in the eyes

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