into the void of



Bagrad Badalian has evolved in an artistic environment since his early childhood, both of his parents are painters. He leaves Armenia with his family at age 9 and moves to live in Belgium. It is undeniable that he has received an artistic gift, multiplied with an imagination without limits. Art is in his blood. This has given birth to a photographer, a very talented artist, gifted to the extreme.His photography resembles painting, a great concern for detail and a perfect sense of composition.

His mastery of the photographic techniques is conspicuous. The most precise description, the use of the verb, will not succeed in describing a photograph made by Bagrad Badalian. His art is indescribable, it is lived, it is felt. It opens a path to our interrogations, our dreams and nightmares, it shatters our beliefs, stimulates our desires. Never leaving us indifferent.