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But I’m too old to go chasin’ you around, wastin’ my precious energy – Tracy Chapman

The night I met the moon, I knew directly that she was going to change my life. Beautiful and graceful; she walked to me while i was faling in love. One day I asked her if it was possible to bring back objects from dreams, she answered naturally: “yes! For sure!” Mystic moon, magical creative force.

Here is one of my dreams: to share art, to communicate passions and to discover different worlds. Thus, the non-profit and alternative artbook presents artists I met on my way, or on theirs. Collaborative projects, artists of all kinds, documentations, interesting personalities, here is what the moon will share with you. The goal is to print beautiful art magazines share it around the world.

The books will be about one artist or a selection of artists. I wish to create books that people are happy to find on their way, books that can inspire and books that we keep on sharing. Books that travel. Please share this project for all people that would be happy to contribute and participate. The books need also money to be printed, and so we are happy to receive help because, again, this is not a commercial project, its about how people can connect each others to focus on creating something that celebrate art, confront visions, build hope, express emotions, release creativity and show beauty. Feel free to send your work, website or informations to be featured.

There is also a blog where you can find a lot of inspirational art, randomly. You can subscribe to receive news about artists, nice pictures…