patina jewellery from

Caliandra Caracol

with love and a lot of care


Gardening and mirroring it in Metal is a beautiful way of working!
Seeding, sprouting, growing and hatching.. They are ready to harvest! Worn throughout history, Jewellery is our old and constant companion in many, if not all cultures. They tell stories about life, spirits, myths and reflect believes and traditions of Humankind. The hand crafted adornments -and often Talismans were and are still worn with great pride.

The old Mayas, between others, wore and used shells and Caracoles in sacred rituals summoning the spirits, represented the feminine Power and life.
The Spiral, in the golden ratio of Phi is also an important element of the sacred geometry and is followed by nature. In a piece of the Atlantic Rainforest… a tropical garden, -where we found refuge from the City of Sao Paulo,- in a Jasmine scented Island, cared and protected by generations of a beautiful family. There it was where Caliandra Caracols first sprouts hatched in the red soil.

The beauty of the raw force of nature.. the man-big leaves.. Orchids.. Mangos.. Pomegranates…Para -nuts.. Carambolas and Bromelias, seeing new life thrive in every living being, were and still are an abundance of inspiration!

Throughout the Nomad-wandering i have been absorbing and treasuring the places, people and moments. These impressions form me and I (try to) form these impressions; With all these influences and with this Intention, each creation grows through my hands into little Metal sculptures, with love and a lot of care.
They are unique and beautiful, carrying a rich strong story as they part on their travels around the world.

Accompanying, protecting and adorning you on your daily adventures.
Seria una alegria

Madame Caracol

my Creation

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