artisanal creativity

Its not about the money

take a note


For myselff or trhouw workshop, i keep on doing notebook, and sharing this passion. Its just because its infinit creativity, and the pleasure to have a special and original object, that make all the proces a good moment to share or to offer. I am not anticapitalist ( yes, i am for sure ) but i dont do art to be against something. i just propose that some things we dont need to buy i the shop. and have a copy of a copy.

We can learn how to make it, or look for an artist. We always think that costing more is a problem… for bio vegan food, that cost to much, i understand that its just a trend, but for hand made things ( food, art, ) you can feel happy to pay the good price to the artist, because its not about money. its about what we share. if it will be about money, you will see here a lot of copy, quick made objects… but no, the time i spend in some object for sure will never represent the cost i can sell it, and often i offer, so… i can make more.

the notebooks

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