Quarks dance

Victorio Di Giusto


Victorio di Giusto was born in Amsterdam from french and italian parents. Being a free spirit, he chose a rather self-taught kind of learning, thus he built his view and understanding while traveling around the world. He did, however, attend a few art schools, seeking to continue his closest way of expression. Since childhood he has been interested in art, drawing in particular and recently evolved into painting.

‘My art has always been a spiritual search of the reality I live in and I perceive. My recent projects have been, in a sense, more focused on the appearance of reality on the outside, using portraits and everyday objects as a way of projecting what it really is that we see when we look at something. Based on a molecular understanding of the universe I draw and paint the motions of light in space.

Understanding an image of any thing is merely the reflection of light traveling to the sensors in our eyes and brains. This meaning, the fact of seeing is not really about the object we are seeing, it is, in fact, about us. Like colors, when we observe something red, the reality of that object is that it absorbs all of the other colors and only rejects the red, but we say it’s ‘red’. In a way, everything is illusion when you think about it like that. Not in the way that concrete matter doesn’t exist, but that our perception of it is actually only in our heads. It is this un-materialistic view that i’m trying to transmit through my paintings back into the material world. But then again, what is matter? We are all and all we see is just a combination of atoms floating through space.’


Binckhorstlaan 119 1
2516BA Den Haag