Who really know

What is love ?


Who really know what is love? not easy to answer. Is it because it is something to live and not express with words? How do poets to share with us so much feelings and passion? how do the singer to give us goosebumps? how do the painter to give us a silent meditation in front of his master piece? But what kind of love are we talking actually? Self love? love for animal or objects? Relationship? Energy?

Maybe its not something we can understand, as the infinity … not easy to conceptualize, as almost the mind is not the vector to grasp this concept. i will say no more to give a chace to learn more about it trough what you have to say.

You can send me your answer of what is love, in a way you like ( montage, poetry, while running; making love, singing it… more you are creative, more the final composition will be interesting )

what do you

think ? feel?

each video is an episode

Share your vision of love

If it’s helping you to share honestly your story

How to participate?

send me a message and we figure out

    Love is what we are born with.


    is what we learn

    Marianne Williamson

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