This project is about telling others about your story. You might want to explain how you overcome a deeply emotional memory if a former event still has the power to dominate your emotions. You can accompany your writing with a self-created or discovered image that speaks to your emotions, such as a drawing, photograph, or painting.

A story is a powerful tool that can inspire others to take action, flip the page, or express themselves creatively or with inspiration. We all go through difficult times, and frequently we believe we are the only ones. If we share, we are not.

Connecting with others, the natural world, and our creativity are tools that support our process and enable us to express ourselves. tools to reflect our inner selves. All of those tools—dreams, exercise, meditation, relationships with others, and focus—can be used. Even when a problem or trauma seems severe, we occasionally don’t need to earn much money or spend a lot of money to feel better. Perhaps some of these activities are already a contract with an angel. And perhaps hearing someone else’s story will motivate us to share how we were able to turn suppressed feelings into inspiration for ourselves and everyone else in the future.

My story

Is also your story

i think that

Trauma Doesn’t Exist

The Roots of Catharsis

Catharsis comes from the Greek word katharsis, meaning cleansing or purification. The concept of catharsis was fundamental to Freud’s original psychoanalytic theory: he believed that healing could only occur when meaningful unconscious thoughts and feelings were brought into consciousness.

In a similar manner to how fears vanish when courage shows up, trauma sort of vanishes when catharsis takes place. For me, consciousness is all that exists. For me, trauma does not exist, and neither does fear. We have the option of feeling it or not. And once we truly want a change and want to play an active role in this life, whatever subtle or deep emotions we experience can be seen as a challenge to make new steps. Then trauma and fear are transformed into ingredients for catharsis.

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you can keep your identity secret

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    Love is what we are born with.


    is what we learn

    Marianne Williamson

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